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At Hamilton Kent, service is more than just friendly and responsive communication—although that’s part of it. Service is a level of respect for our customer that we integrate into every aspect of what we do.

For example, you can request measurement of your tooling at no extra cost, because we believe quality assurance is just a part of doing business.


You can also rely on us to keep accurate records of your equipment transfers. No matter how many times your tooling moves from one location to another, we keep track of each transfer to ensure the proper gaskets are shipped to the right locations.


Finally, we believe that maintaining high inventory levels—regardless of the economy—is an important part of how we serve you. When you need gaskets or connectors shipped to a jobsite, you should never have to wait. We stock what you need, so you can keep your own customers on schedule.

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How do you test a gasket or prevent infiltration through manhole covers? What standards and certifications govern Hamilton Kent products? Get answers to common infrastructure questions in our FAQ section.

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