Pavement Seals

Hamilton Kent offers a broad spectrum of designs of rubber pavement seals for use in expansion joints for roads and highways.

With millions of miles of roads and highways criss-crossing North America, and with a large percentage in need of repair or replacement, it is becoming increasingly important for federal, state, provincial, county and local governments to care for and protect their roadways. This is especially true as taxes received by these governments no longer seem to meet the growing demand for infrastructure expenditures. Becasue of this, most agencies are looking for sustainable solutions. Solutions that will last longer, protect the infrastrucutre better, and cost less in the long run.

One product that does an excellent job of protecting road pavement is expansion joints, which often incorporate a rubber seal. These expansion joints should be installated in locations where the pavement is expected to expand and contract, or where the pavement comes in contact with a bridge or overpass. The rubber seal within the expansion joint allows for movement, while maintaining a watertight seal between pavement sections or between the pavement and a bridge structure.

Hamilton Kent products a variety of styles of seals for this application, which are used throughout North America. One such model is pictured above. With the cellular design of this seal, it will maintain structural durability for the long term, while allowing for expansion and compaction of the joint much better than a solid-body design.

If you are in need of rubber pavement seals, or recommendations for companies manufacturing expansion joints supplied by Hamilton Kent, please be sure to contact us. We have a very experienced engineering department that can work with your expansion joint design to develop a seal that is jsut right for your application.

Product Benefits

  •  Watertight
  •  Protect pavementy
  •  Allow for expansion and contraction
  •  Resistant to de-icing salts