Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket

Pre-lubricated Gaskets for Concrete Pipe and Manholes.

The unique design of the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket is bringing a cost-saving revolution to the field of concrete pipe and manhole gasketing and installation.

Say good-bye to the lube bucket and brush.

Say hello to fast, clean, simple installation.

TSS exhibit
  •  No field lubrication. The Tylox® SuperSeal™ (TSS) gasket has a layer of silicone lubricant installed on the inner surface of the tube during the manufacturing process, saving you time and money on the job-site. In fact, application of a lubricant on the outside surface of the TSS gasket could prevent the gasket from working properly and could affect the performance of the joint.
  •  Elimination of unsafe installation practices. Since the Tylox® SuperSeal™ pipe and manhole gasket requires no lubrication, the unsafe practice of standing beneath a suspended riser section, in order to lubricate the bell I.D., is no longer required.
  •  Self-Contained Lubricant. Sealed within the tube, the lubricant is impervious to mud, dirt and debris. If you drop the gasket in the trench, simply wipe the surface clean and you’re ready to install. No special handling is required.
  •  No equalization required. Due to the reduced gasket stretch requirement of the unique lamelle/rolling-tube design, the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket requires no equalization after installation. A quick and easy installation means you save even more time and money.
  •  No gasket “roll” or “twist”. Another benefit of the unique lamelle/rolling-tube design is the drastic reduction in insertion forces, virtually eliminating the gasket “roll” and “twist” associated with o-ring and standard profile gaskets.
  •  Self-Centering. The pipe or manhole bell is self-centered on the spigot due to the forces generated as the tube rolls into the annular space during the homing process.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ gaskets are available for all common combinations of annular and total annular spaces, and can be manufactured to suit any MANHOLE size. See profile options in the chart below:

Tylox® SuperSeal™ gaskets are also available for all common combinations of annular and total annular spaces, and can be manufactured to suit any CONCRETE PIPE size, even elliptical or arch pipe. See profile options in the chart below:

Materials and Identification

Tylox® SuperSeal™ manhole gaskets are manufactured from a variety of synthetic rubber compounds, to meet the material requirements of ASTM C443, ASTM C425, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook, and CSA A-257.

The applicable specification(s) and intended use for a particular gasket are identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:

  • Standard
  •  C443, A-257, C1619 White Stripe
  •  California Greenbook, C425 Green Stripe
  • Oil-Resistant*
  •  C443, A-257, C1619 Orange Stripe
  •  California Greenbook Yellow Stripe

* Note that the additional physical properties required to achieve Oil Resistance have a significant impact on availability, handling and cost. Please refer to the pdf file “Oil Resistant Gaskets” under “Tech Notes” in the "Resources" section of this website.

The above listing covers the standard, North American, specifications. Gaskets materials are available to meet many other specifications. Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding materials to meet your particular specifications.

Pressure Rating

Tylox® SuperSeal™gaskets are suitable for use in systems with up to 13 psig (30 ft Head or 90kPa) pressure requirements.

Higher head pressures have been obtained with certain joint designs. Please consult your local Hamilton Kent Representative for gasket selection to meet your specific requirements.


Tylox® SuperSeal™ Manhole gaskets are not WHIMIS listed.

Please refer to the MSDS pdf file in the "Related Resources" section of this page.

Storage and Handling

Proper care of the gaskets prior to installation will ensure maximum ease of installation and maximum sealing properties of the gasket.

All rubber gaskets are required to be stored in a sheltered, cool, dry place at the precaster’s facility, as well as on the job site.

Gaskets must not be stored near any electrical equipment that produces ozone. They must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold, snow and ice in the winter.

All gaskets must be protected from harmful substance such as dust, grit, solvents and petroleum based greases and oils.


Detailed installation instructions can be found in the “.pdf” file in the Related Resources section of this page.

Product Benefits

  •  Saving your money and installation time because of:
    •  Easy Installation
    •  No Equalization
    •  No Lubrication
    •  Self-Centering
  •  Suitable for all sizes pipe and manhole
  •  Standard and Oil-Resistant versions available