Tylox® Gasket Lubricant

Maximum Coverage with Minimum Brushwork… that’s what you get when you work with Tylox® Gasket Lubricant.


An industry standard for over 35 years, the Tylox® name is synonymous with quality and reliability; which is one reason why Tylox® lubes are specified and utilized day in and day out by precasters and engineers alike.

Designed for lubrication of all types of pipe and manhole gaskets and connectors, Tylox® Lubricants are a custom-formulated, stable blend of vegetable oils, soaps and water.

Tylox™ Lube is available in Regular and NSF Potable / Sub-Aqueous formulations, and 6 container sizes, meaning that there’s a Tylox® Lube to fit any and all of your needs:

Tylox® Regular Lube

  •  For use in sanitary and storm sewer applications.
  •  Not suitable for potable water lines.

Tylox® NSF/Sub-Aqueous Lube

  •  For use in sanitary sewer, storm sewer and potable water applications.
  •  For installations with extremely wet trench conditions; prolonged exposure to standing or running water will not lessen its lubricating properties.
  •  NSF (Standard #61) approved for use with potable water lines. Will not impart taste or odor to the water, or support bacterial growth in the pipe.

Both Tylox® Regular and Tylox® NSF are stable for use between -10 deg F and 150 deg F (-23 deg C and 65 deg C), and are ideally suited for cold weather conditions.

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Tylox® Gasket Lubricant is not WHIMIS listed. MSDS sheets are available in pdf format in the "Related Resources" section of this page.


Full installation instructions are available in the literature pdf file in the "Related Resources" section of this page.

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Product Benefits

  •  Minimal gasket swell
  •  Maximum coverage per lb
  •  Easy spreading
  •  Regular and NSF-Sub-Aqueous versions available