Kent Seal™ Butyl Sealant

Premium Grade Butyl Rubber Sealant Installs Fast... Any Shape, Any Season

Installs Quickly... Any Season... Works well on virtually any concrete structure or pipe.

Kent Seal™ No 2 Butyl Rubber Joint Sealant is a flexible rope gasketing material ideally suited for fast, efficient sealing of joints in precast concrete products, such as:

  •  Pipes
  •  Manholes
  •  Box Culverts
  •  Septic Tanks
  •  Catch Basins
  •  Utility Boxes
  •  Underground Vaults
  •  Burial Vaults

All Butyl’s are not created equal!

Kent Seal™ No 2 is a premium grade Butyl Rubber compound specifically formulated for the following physical properties:

  • Dense Polymer Structure - resists water vapor permeation through the join t.
  • Highly Compressible - provides superior sealing characteristics to acco mmodate minor imperfections in the mating surfaces.
  • Tacky Outer Surface - its extremely adhesive qualities make it a “nat ural” for those ‘hard to bond to” surfaces.
  • Flexible - provides excellent memory retention to counteract joint move ment and deflection.
  • Temperature Stable - will not go brittle at low temperatures, or spon gy at elevated temperatures. Remains supple and flexible.
  • Aging Resistant - will not shrink, harden or oxidize. Provides extended shelf life.

Kent Seal™ No 2 is supplied in pre-formed coils with an easy-release backing paper. Each coil in the box is separated by an easy-release paper, and a stiffener is placed between each layer for enhanced protection.


  • Kent Seal™ No 2 meets, or exceeds, the material requirements of:
  •  SS-S-00210 (210A)
  •  AASHTO M-198
  •  ASTM C990

Temperature Ratings

  •  Application: 30 to 120 F° (-1 to 49 C°)
  •  Service: -30 to 200 F° (-34 to 93 C°)
  •  Storage: 40 to 100 F° (4 to 38 C°)
  •  Shelf Life: 5 years in unopened cartons when stored within temperature range above

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Kent Seal Butyl Rubber sealant is WHIMIS listed. SDS sheets are available, in pdf format, in the download section of this web-page.


Full installation instructions are available, in pdf format, in the download section of this web-page. If moisture is persistent, and or temperature is below 40 F° (5 C°) the use of Kent Seal Adhesive Primer is recommended. Kent Seal Adhesive has been specially developed to provide a permanent bond between the Kent Seal Butyl Sealant and the damp concrete surface.

Storage and Handling

Proper care of the butyl sealant prior to installation will ensure maximum ease of installation and maximum sealing properties of the butyl rubber.

Kent Seal Butyl Rubber Sealant should be stored in a sheltered, cool, dry place at the precaster’s facility , as well as on the job site.

Kent Seal Butyl Rubber Sealant must not be stored near any electrical equipment that produces ozone.  It must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold, snow and ice in the winter.

Kent Seal Butyl Rubber Sealant must be protected from contact with solvents and petroleum based greases and oils.

Product Benefits

  •  Meets ASTM C990 and AASHTO M-198
  •  Suitable for all pipe and manhole sizes
  •  Temperature Stable
  •  Aging Resistant
  •  Highly compressible