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Hamilton Kent produces a very diverse line of pipe, manhole and box culvert gaskets, in addition to a full range of cast-in and mechanically-installed pipe-to-concrete structure connectors, all for both sanitary and storm sewer applications.

We also provide The Lifespan System, consisting of a rubber manhole frame and locking cast iron cover, to help municipalities fight inflow and infiltration problems.

If it’s made out of rubber and utilized to seal underground infrastructure, HK probably manufactures it! Click on one of the categories below for more detailed information on everything we have to offer.

Available Categories
Concrete Pipe Gaskets

Hamilton Kent produces a broad range of gaskets to seal the joints of virtually any pipe configuration, joint design or size.

Structure Gaskets

Hamilton Kent produces an extensive array of gaskets to seal the joints of virtually any manhole and many types of box culverts, regardless of joint design or size.

Lifespan® System

The Lifespan® System is a watertight, corrosion-proof, non-conductive, locking rubber manhole frame and cover system that prevents rain derived inflow from entering sanitary sewers through the top of the manhole.

Cast-in Connectors

If you want to ensure there is an excellent and permanent seal between the connector and the concrete structure, use of a cast-in connector is recommended.

Cored Hole Connectors

For small diameter pipe connections to a manhole, a mechanically-installed boot connector is a simple and cost-effective choice.

Plastic Pipe Gaskets

Hamilton Kent has been designing and producing gaskets for the PVC and HDPE plastic pipe industry for decades to ensure watertight or silt tight pipe for use in water, sanitary, industrial, storm drain, mining and culvert applications.


Hamilton Kent produces a variety of pavement and bridge joint seals that are used extensively across North America.

Solve Infiltration Problems Caused By Traditional Manhole...

Find out how to eliminate inflow and infiltration through manhole covers and frames, how to increase connection capacity and save money by not conveying and treating unnecessary water.

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