Durable, sustainable infrastructure products

Stop wasting manpower, money, new equipment and mental energy on dealing with the problems associated with sewer capacity problems, expensive repairs, and roadway damage due to cracks and leaks in your underground infrastructure.

Hamilton Kent has a broad range of watertight solutions that prevent damage, eliminate inflow and infiltration, avoid unnecessary water treatment and reduce the need for regular maintenance.

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Available Infrastructure Market Applications
Sanitary Sewers

When the proper products and procedures are not used to make sanitary sewers watertight, it causes problems for urban centers.

Storm Drainage

Combined sewers are on their way out.

Domestic Water

Our clean water is quickly becoming the next precious resource.


Bridges and parking decks are no exception in the infrastructure deficit.

Utility Vaults

Underground vaults contain important equipment that needs to be protected from damage—whether from a leak or from a person who should not have entered in the first place.


Tunnels serve a broad range of functions, but one thing is true about all of them: they cannot afford to have leaks.

Installing A Lifespan® System

You and your team have done manhole installations in the past. But they have been tough and tedious. How is a Lifespan® installation different? Watch and see!

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How do you test a gasket or prevent infiltration through manhole covers? What standards and certifications govern Hamilton Kent products? Get answers to common infrastructure questions in our FAQ section.

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