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Hamilton Kent is a company that knows underground infrastructure. Our products make infrastructure projects more watertight, more durable, more sustainable and less expensive to maintain. Learn more about who we are, what we do, how we do it and where we came from.

Mission Statement

Hamilton Kent and its employees are committed to provide the highest quality elastomer products and services to our customers. Our goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations through continuous improvements, innovation and respect for the environment.

Who we are

With locations in Toronto, Ontario and Winchester, Tennessee, Hamilton Kent is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of resilient-rubber, watertight, sealing systems and components. Focusing primarily upon seals for use with infrastructure pipe systems, we provide a complete package—from design and development, through production and testing, to warehousing and shipping.

With both manufacturing facilities holding ISO 9001:2051 and 14001:2015 certification, quality and safety permeate throughout all aspects of Hamilton Kent. The proof of Hamilton Kent’s commitment to quality lies in the numerous approvals that we have received from both national and international organizations, such as ASTM, CSA, UL, NSF, BS, DOT and AWWA.

What we do

Our custom manufacturing facility provides a diverse selection of molded and fabricated rubber products such as solar heating panels, industrial grade door seals, ladder foot-inserts, belt-guides, joint wraps, transformer seals and many, many more. Engineering and design assistance from our technical department is readily available when your special need arises.

For the pipe producer, Hamilton Kent offers an extensive line of gaskets—from simple o-rings to patented, pre-lubricated profile gaskets, such as the Tylox® SuperSeal. Hamilton Kent also has an extensive array of butyl-sealants, pipe joint lubricants, pipe plugs and other pipe related products.

For the manhole and/or structure producer, Hamilton Kent offers not only a variety of riser sealing products, but also a wide selection of pipe-to-structure connectors, for both cast-in or cored/formed hole processes. We are also the exclusive North American supplier of The Lifespan System, a watertight, corrosion-resistant manhole access frame, cover and adjustment-ring system.

For civil engineering applications, Hamilton Kent produces a variety of expansion seals for bridges and pavement.

How we do it

Compression Molding
Hamilton Kent’s compression mold department utilizes a bank of 18 presses, with pressure ranges from 50 Tons to 650 Tons and platen sizes from 18” x 18” to 42” x 42”.

Hamilton Kent has four extrusion lines, three with micro-wave/hot-air curing and one with salt bath curing. Utilizing single or dual-head extrusion techniques, HK’s extrusion department can produce continuous strip, in single or dual durometer format, at up to 250Kg per hour and up to 13” wide profiles.

Once a rubber product has been molded or extruded, Hamilton Kent’s fabrication department is able to offer a number of finishing services to ensure you receive the product to your specification.

Injection Molding
Hamilton Kent’s Injection Mold department utilizes five machines, with up to 400 Ton clamping force and mold sizes up to 32”x32”x10”, with volume capacity up to 366

As well as offering a selection of standard compounds, Hamilton Kent, utilizing its in-house compound development group, is able to formulate rubber compounds to meet the physical properties required by your specific application. Typical “standard” compounds include, but are not limited to:

  •  Polyisoprene Rubber (IR)
  •  Ethylene Propylene Diomene Monomer (EPDM)
  •  Chloroprene / Neoprene (CR)
  •  Nitrile / Buna (NBR)
  •  StyraButadiene (SBR)
  •  Viton

Quality Policy

Hamilton Kent is committed to providing products satisfying customer needs and all applicable requirements through product innovation and the effective implementation of our quality management system. We strive to continually improve our quality management system through operational excellence.

Corporate Environmental Policy

The environment is where we live and where we operate our manufacturing facilities. As part of our commitment to excellence, we must integrate environmental protection, public acceptability, and economic sustainability into all aspects of our operations.


Hence we are committed to:

  •  Fulfill our compliance obligations, and other requirements we may adopt, as a minimum standard;
  •  Strive to provide environmental protection based on best practices appropriate to our industry;
  •  Integrate pollution prevention, waste reduction, and resource conservation targets as part of the company’s objectives setting and performance review processes;
  •  Develop, maintain, and continuously improve our environmental management system;
  •  Measure the effectiveness of our environmental management system and evaluate physical conditions through regular audits and reviews;
  •  Show continuous improvement in compliance to our environmental standards and to our overall environmental performance;
  •  Communicate proactively with the public and interested stakeholders on environmental issues. This includes sharing information, communicating this policy to all personnel and making it available to interested parties. 
  •  Maintain and preserve the environment we live in is our responsibility and our commitment.


Where we came from

  • 1943 Founded in Kent, Ohio, molding rubber parts for the war effort
  • 1946 HK develops initial design for rubber gaskets for concrete pipe, marketed as Type C Gasket
  • 1957 Canadian manufacturing plant opened (Cooksville)
  • 1981 Canadian manufacturing transferred to new plant (Toronto)
  • 1985 HK splits into two separate companies HK-USA and HK-Canada
  • 1987 HK-Canada begins development of Pre-Lubricated gasket for Single-offset Jointed Concrete Pipe
  • 1990 Pre-lubricated gasket product introduced into Canadian market as Tylox® SuperSeal™
  • 1993 Tylox® SuperSeal™ introduced into U.S. market
  • 1994 HK-USA liquidates
  • 1998 Toronto plant expands to increase production capacity by 33% and enlarge the distribution center
  • 1999 HK acquired by Glynwed International PLC
  • 2001 Glynwed sells pipe systems unit, which includes HK, to Aliaxis (formerly Etex Group SA); HK acquires assets of NC Rubber Products, Kitchener, Ontario. Plant upgraded to provide additional production and warehouse facilities
  • 2004 Toronto plant becomes ISO 9001 certified
  • 2006 HK-Canada forms HK LLC, a US-based company, which then acquires boot connector assets of International Precast Supply Haverhill, Mass; adding cast-in and mechanically installed boot connectors to product line
  • 2007 HK builds state-of-the art manufacturing facility and distribution center in Winchester, Tennessee. U.S. distribution and manufacturing for TSS and SOCL gaskets transferred from Toronto
  • 2008 HK closes Reno, Nevada facility, and replaces it with larger Regional Distribution Facility in Tracy, California. Boot manufacturing transferred to Winchester, TN plant from Haverhill, which is then closed. Kitchener plant is closed and production transferred to Toronto
  • 2009 HK begins selling and manufacturing The Lifespan System
  • 2011 HK closes Tracey distribution facility, shifting distribution to the Winchester, TN plant
  • 2015 HK receives ISO 14001 certification for both plants
  • 2018 Both HK plants receive ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications
Installing A Lifespan® System

You and your team have done manhole installations in the past. But they have been tough and tedious. How is a Lifespan® installation different? Watch and see!

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