Hamilton Kent has a growing library of videos related to the development and use of the products we manufacture. Select one of the many videos available to learn more about how our products can work for you.

Available Resources
Creativity sells more precast

Hamilton Kent's Marketing/Territory Manager Alan Siebenthaler joins guest panelist Robert Folser, P.

Thinking outside the box (culvert)

Hamilton Kent's Marketing/Territory Manager Alan Siebenthaler talks about how cities and engineers are using precast box sections to meet challenging project requirements and contractor needs.

Solving I/I: A New Approach to Manhole Remediation

Presented by Alan Siebenthaler, Marketing/Territory Manager at Hamilton Kent, this 30-minute webinar discusses how Hamilton Kent's innovative Lifespan System offers a unique solution for solving I/I.

Does Your Submarine Have a Screen Door?

Join Henry Flattery in this webinar as he discusses the issues most cities are facing with Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), and some of the considerations for correcting this problem.

The Lifespan® System Installation Webinar

Watch our webinar, The Lifespan® System: Installing a watertight solution led by Alan Siebenthaler Marketing and Territory Manager at Hamilton Kent, to learn what steps to take to ensure leaks don’t happen.

Eliminate Inflow and Infiltration

Join Henry Flattery, Director of Sustainable Market Development at Hamilton Kent, as he talks about how to solve extraneous water problems in sewer collection systems.

Sealing the Deal Part One: Best Practices in Gasket Selection

In the first of this two-part webinar series, Hamilton Kent's Alan Siebenthaler discusses how to choose the right gasket for your application.

Sealing the Deal Part Two: Best Practices in Gasket Quality Assurance

In the second of a two-part series, Hamilton Kent's Alan Siebenthaler provides an overview of ACPA QCast quality assurance criteria, as well as best practices in gasket care, gleaned from Hamilton Kent's many years in the business.

The Lifespan® System Installation Video

Installing your manhole frame properly is equally as important as selecting the right materials that will stay watertight

With improper installation, comes inflow and infiltration.

No more tooling around: Time to get serious about care & QA for your tooling

Join Hamilton Kent’s Alan Siebenthaler as he discusses best practices in care and quality assurance for your tooling.

How suppliers contribute to disaster-resilient cities

Alan Siebenthaler discusses how manufacturers can help build disaster-resilient cities in this webinar on demand, hosted live in September 2013.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket Video

This 7 minute video regarding the Tylox SuperSeal Gaskets starts with the rubber raw material, goes through the production process and finishes with quality assurance and shipping.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket Box Culvert Hydrostatic Joint Test Video

See how one of our customer developed a method for testing the watertightness of a gasketed box culvert joint.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket Box Culvert Installation Video

See the sequence of installing one section of a SuperSeal-gasketed box culvert section.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket vs. Traditional Profile Gasket Video

Watch two crews installing two different gaskets (one a SuperSeal and the other a traditional wedge shape gasket) on identical pipe.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket Advantages Video

This short video discusses some of the benefits of using the SuperSeal gasket.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket Advantages #2 Video

Another short video sharing some additional advantages of using the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ How it Works Video

This brief video explains how the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket works, making installation so much easier than a traditional profile gasket.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket Innovation Testimonial Video

Hear about what others think about the innovation behind theTylox® SuperSeal™ gasket.

Hamilton Kent Quality Assurance Video

See what our personnel are doing in the lab to make sure the products going to the field will perform as promised.

Hamilton Kent Gasket Testing Video

Learn more about the tests our Quality Assurance department perform to ensure gaskets meet industry standards.

Solving I/I With Lifespan

Manhole covers and frames are often the first part of a water collection system to fail.

What To Expect From Your Supplier

Watch this short webinar to find out how you can get the most from your relationship with your watertight infrastructure supplier.