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Hamilton Kent wants to provide you with the latest in technical information regardng the use of gaskets and connectors, creation of sustainable, watertight infrastructure and more. This section of the website contains documents of this nature.

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HK Gasket Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance for all Hamilton Kent gaskets that plants can utilize to meet the requirements of the NPCA Plant Certification Program and the ACPA Q-Cast Program.

External Joint Test Procedures Tech Note

This tech note contains instructions on how a plant can test the watertightness of their box culvert and large diameter pipe joints and gaskets using an external testing procedure.

Oil Resistant Rubber Gaskets Tech Note

This document contains information about the types of oil resistant rubber compounds, their cost and availability, and other considerations for making a selection.

Tylox SuperSeal Low Temperature Suitability Tech Note

This document explains the benefits of utilizing the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket on projects where extreme cold weather is likely.

Rubber Gasket Resistance to Chloramine Tech Note

Technical information about the effects of Chloramine and Chlorine on rubber gaskets.

Summary of Rubber Compounds Tech Note

This document contains a summary of the many types of rubber compounds used in production of pipe, manhole and box culverts, and mechanically-installed and cast-in pipe-to-structure connectors.

Storage and Inventory Practices

Based on more than 70 years of experience with gaskets, Hamilton Kent has some suggestions regarding best practices for storage and inventory of your rubber products.

Installing A Lifespan® System

You and your team have done manhole installations in the past. But they have been tough and tedious. How is a Lifespan® installation different? Watch and see!

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