Tylox SuperSeal™ Box Culvert Gasket

Pre-Lubricated Gaskets for Box Culvert Say good-bye to the Butyl Rope and External Wrap! Say hello to fast, clean, simple installation. The unique design of the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket, in combination with a “round-cornered”, single-offset joint box design, now offers the advantages of water-tight jointing and reduced installation time to users of concrete box culverts.



  •  Requires minimal field installation time. Since the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket is installed on the box culvert at the point of manufacture, installation is as simple as lowering the box into position and then homing the joint. No messy, time consuming, butyl rope and/or external wrap to install.
  •  Requires no field lubrication. The Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket has a layer of silicone lubricant installed on the inner surface of the tube, during the manufacturing process; saving you time, and money, on the job-site.
  •  Self-Contained Lubricant. Sealed within the tube, the lubricant is impervious to mud, dirt and debris. If you brush it against the trench, simply wipe the gasket surface clean and you’re ready to install. No special handling is required.
  •  Enhanced UV Resistance. Since the gasket is installed on the box culvert at the point of manufacture, the gasket may sit exposed to the harmful effects from sun-light for extended periods of time. For this reason all Tylox® SuperSeal™ box-culvert gaskets are manufactured from a blend of Poly-Isoprene and EPDM rubber, for enhanced ozone and Ultra-violet resistance.
  •  Full specification compliance. All Tylox box-culvert gaskets meet the material requirements of ASTM C1677, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook and CSA A257.
  •  Self-Centering. The box culvert bell is self-centered, on the spigot, due to the forces generated as the tube rolls into the annular space during the homing process.
  •  Readily Available. Tylox® SuperSeal™ gaskets are available for all common combinations of annular and total annular spaces, and can be manufactured to suit any box culvert size.

Materials and Identification

Tylox® SuperSeal™ box-culvert gaskets are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds, to meet the material requirements of ASTM C1677, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook, and CSA A257.

The applicable specification(s) and useage mode for a particular gasket are identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:

  • Standard
  •  C1677, C1619, A257 - White Stripe
  •  California Greenbook - Green Stripe
  • Oil-Resistant*
  •  C1677, C1619, A257 - Orange Stripe
  •  California Greenbook- Yellow Stripe

* Note that the additional physical properties required to achieve Oil Resistance have a significant impact on availability, handling and cost. Please refer to the pdf file “Oil Resistant Gaskets” under the “Tech Notes” heading in the Download section of this page.

The above listing covers the standard, North American, specifications. Gaskets materials are available to meet many other specifications. Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding materials to meet your particular specifications.


Pressure Rating

Box-culverts with Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasketed joints have been designed, and field tested, to exceed the water-tight requirements (5 psig) of ASTM C1677.

Specific joint designs have been tested up to 13 psig. Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your application requirements.



Tylox® SuperSeal™ Box Culvert gaskets are not WHIMIS listed. Please refer to the .pdf file in the “Related Resources" section of this page.

Storage and Handling

Proper care of the gaskets prior to installation will ensure maximum ease of installation and maximum sealing properties of the gasket. All rubber gaskets are required to be stored in a sheltered, cool, dry place at the precasters facility.

Gaskets must not be stored near any electrical equipment that produces ozone. Tylox® SuperSeal™ Box Culvert gaskets are designed to be exposed to UV rays, but should be protected as much as possible from prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold, snow and ice in the winter.

All gaskets must be protected from harmful substance such as grit, solvents and petroleum based greases and oils.


Detailed installation instructions can be found in the literature .pdf file in the "Related Resources" section of this page.

Product Benefits

  •  Saving your money and installation time because of:
    •  No Butyl Rope or external wrap
    •  No Lubrication
    •  Faster Installation
  •  Self-Centering
  •  Suitable for all sizes of Box Culvert
  •  Meets ASTM C1677 material requirements
  •  Standard and Oil-Resistant versions available
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