Concrete Structure Gaskets

Hamilton Kent produces an extensive array of gaskets to seal the joints of virtually any manhole and many types of box culverts, regardless of joint design or size. Whether confined o-ring groove, single offset or tongue and groove, we have your needs covered.

Tylox® SuperSeal™ Gasket

Pre-lubricated Gaskets for Concrete Pipe and Manholes.

Tylox® SuperSeal™Box Culvert Gasket

Pre-Lubricated Gaskets for Box Culvert Say good-bye to the Butyl Rope and External Wrap! Say hello to fast, clean, simple installation.

Tylox® SOCL Gaskets

Profile Gaskets for Round, Arch or Elliptical Pipe, and Manholes.

Tylox® SCB Gasket

Say good-bye to the butyl rope and external wrap! Say hello to fast, clean, simple installation.

Tylox® SOC Gasket

Backed by over 50 years of experience, the Tylox® SOC profile gasket provides water-tight sealing of single-offset jointed, concrete pipe, manhole or box culvert.

Tylox® SORT Gasket

Profile gaskets for O-Ring Joints on Concrete Pipe and Manholes

Enhanced Performance.

Tylox® Gasket Lubricant

Maximum Coverage with Minimum Brushwork… that’s what you get when you work with Tylox® Gasket Lubricant.

Kent Seal™

Premium Grade Butyl Rubber Sealant Installs Fast.

Tylox® O-Ring Gasket

O-Ring Gaskets for Manhole structures


It may seem like a “simple” design, but to ensure full functionality of the joint/gasket configuration, accuracy is critical.

What To Expect From Your Supplier

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