Plastic Pipe Gaskets

Hamilton Kent has been designing and producing gaskets for the PVC and HDPE plastic pipe industry for decades to ensure watertight or silt tight pipe for use in water, sanitary, industrial, storm drain, mining and culvert applications.

Hamilton Kent's technical staff has developed significant expertise in optimizing the performance of the pipe joints while minimizing the amount of rubber required. Whether single Durometer or dual-Durometer, extruded, compression-molded or injection-molded, Hamilton Kent has the manufacturing capability to produce the configuration for virtually any sewer or water pipe joint. We also have vast experience producing gaskets from a broad variety of rubber compounds to meet standard or special requirements at the job site such as UV or Chemical resistance.

HDPE gaskets

While the basic design and appearance of HDPE pipe might be similar from one manufacturer to another, the type of gasket they utilize to seal their joints can be vastly different. Varying joint designs among manufacturers allow for different options for the gasket location and design. There are saddle gaskets that fit over the large corrugation rib. Some pipes utilize a rib gasket that straddles a narrower rib. Other pipe joints are designed to use a gasket that fits inside of a smaller channel on top of the corrugation. Regardless of the style or design, Hamilton Kent has supplied gaskets of this type throughout North America.

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PVC gaskets

PVC gaskets typically are fitted into the bell of the pipe, so require special design and fabrication in order to secure it in place until the pipe is installed at the job site. Watertightness of these joints is critical as the pipe typically transports either drinking water or sanitary sewer water. So the gaskets must perform equally as well as the pipe. This is why so many PVC pipe manufacturers have relied upon Hamilton Kent to provide consistently high quality gaskets.

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Product Benefits

  •  PVC and HDPE gaskets
  •  Excellent sealing capability
  •  Variety of rubber compounds including for UV and chemical resistance
  •  Single and dual durometer gaskets
  •  Broad selection of gasket configurations