Tylox® Type “C” Fin Gasket

Profile Gaskets for Tongue and Groove Pipe

The Tylox® Type “C” profile gasket allows for watertight joints, in accordance with ASTM C443 requirements, on 5 degree slope, tongue and groove pipe.

Benefits of the Tylox Type “C” Fin Gaskets

  •  Built-in positioning flange allows for quick, simple installation. The self-positioning flange automatically aligns the gasket as it is snapped onto the tongue or spigot.
  •  Elimination of joint “kick-back”, and true joint alignment is accomplished by the unique, forward-facing, multiple-fin design.
  •  In addition to the support provided by the pipe wall, the use of a wide, flat base ensures no gasket “roll” or “twist” during coupling.
  •  Leak-tight sealing up to 30ft of head is provided by the use of multiple sealing fins. When coupled, the fins are compressed against the gasket base, which is, in turn, compressed, until the gasket forms a “solid-pack” of rubber, completely sealing the annular space.
  •  The combination of the unique, tear-drop, pressure pocket design and the compressible base allows up to a 1/2” of joint deflection without leakage.
  •  Enhanced concrete/rubber adhesion is facilitated by the use of a scored, gripping surface.
  •  Pipe sizes up to 72”/1800mm can be accommodated.
  •  ASTM C443, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook and CSA A-257 material requirement compliance.

Materials and Identification

Tylox® Type C gaskets are manufactured from a variety of synthetic rubber compounds, to meet the material requirements of ASTM C443, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook, and CSA A257.

The applicable specification(s) and useage mode for a particular gasket are identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:

  • Standard
  •  C443, A257, C1619, White Stripe
  •  California Greenbook Green Stripe
  • Oil-Resistant*
  •  C443, A257, C1619 Orange Stripe
  •  California Greenbook Yellow Stripe

*Note that the additional physical properties required to achieve Oil Resistance have a significant impact on availability, handling and cost. Please refer to the .pdf file “Oil Resistant Gaskets” in the "Tech Notes" Section of the website’s "Resources".

The above listing covers the standard North American specifications. Gaskets materials are available to meet many other specifications and requirements. Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding materials to meet your particular needs.

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Pressure Rating

Tylox® Type C profile gaskets are suitable for use on Tongue and Groove joints, with 5 degree maximum slope, in systems with up to 13 psig (30 ft Head or 90kPa) pressure requirements.


Tylox® Type “C” Fin Gaskets are not WHIMIS listed.

Tylox® Type “C” Fin Gaskets are made from cross-linked, polymeric rubber, which is not considered a health hazard. As with any rubber product, the gasket may smolder or burn when exposed to a naked flame. Fire-fighters should wear self-contained, positive-pressure or pressure-demand breathing apparatus, and utilize water-spray, air-foam, dry chemical or CO2-type extinguishing media.

Storage and Handling

Proper care of the gaskets prior to installation will ensure maximum ease of installation and maximum sealing properties of the gasket.

All rubber gaskets are required to be stored in a sheltered, cool, dry place at the precasters facility, as well as on the job site.

Gaskets must not be stored near any electrical equipment that produces ozone. They must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold, snow and ice in the winter.

All gaskets must be protected from harmful substance such as dirt, mud, dust and grit.

All gaskets, other than oil-resistant gaskets, must be protected from contact with solvents and petroleum based greases and oils.


Detailed installation instructions can be found in the literature “.pdf” file in the Related Resources section of this page.

Product Benefits

  •  Meets ASTM C443, ASTM C1619 and CSA A-257 material specifications
  •  Smooth, high-strength splicing
  •  Suitable for pipe sizes to 72”.
  •  Standard, oil-resistant and Greenbook versions available