Tylox® CIB Series Cast-in
Boot Connector

Designed to give a watertight seal between a concrete structure and a connecting pipe, the Tylox® Cast-in Boot combines the flexibility of a boot style connector with the ability to be integrally cast into the structure wall.



  •  The boot-style sleeve design allows for full flexibility to accommodate both mis-alignment and differential movement between pipe and structure.
  •  The simple, external, adjustable 304 Stainless Steel clamp allows for water-tight connection around the O.D. of the connecting pipe.
  •  The enhanced performance of the double-ring water stop couples with the increased embedment length of the cast-in flange to provide superior sealing capabilities at the concrete/rubber interface.
  •  The custom designed formulation of the EPDM compound used to manufacture the Tylox® Cast-In Boot offers improved resistance to ultra-violet and ozone degradation from exposure to sun-light when the concrete structure is stored for extended periods. Optionally, the sleeve is available in Nitrile, for use in applications requiring oil-resistance. Sleeves are designed for use with either single or dual take-up clamps.
  •  The utilization of one, common, design for the cast-in flange allows the use of a single, cost-effective, mandrel for installing all sizes of Tylox® Cast-In Boot connectors.

Materials and Identification

Tylox™ CIB connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds, to meet the material requirements of ASTM C923.

Connectors are available for “Standard” or “Oil-resistant” applications. Oil-resistant connectors will have an orange dot on the rubber molding.

Other materials and specifications may be available as custom order. Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your specific requirement.

Pressure Rating

Tylox® CIB connectors are designed for water-tight connections to meet the requirements of ASTM C923 - 13 psig water-tight sealing in straight alignment and 10 psig water-tight sealing at 7o axial deflection.


Tylox® CIB connectors are not WHIMIS listed.

Tylox® CIB connectors are made from crosslinked, polymeric rubber, which is not considered a health hazard. As with any rubber product, the connector may smolder or burn when exposed to a naked flame. Fire-fighters should wear self-contained, positive-pressure, or pressure-demand, breathing apparatus; and utilize water-spray, air-foam, dry chemical or CO2-type extinguishing material.

Storage and Handling

Proper care of the connector prior to installation will ensure maximum ease of installation and maximum sealing properties of the connector.

Connectors must not be stored near any electrical equipment that produces ozone.

All connectors must be protected from harmful substance such as dirt, mud, dust and grit.

All connectors, other than oil-resistant connectors, must be protected from contact with solvents and petroleum based greases and oils.



Detailed installation instructions can be found in the "Related Recources" section of this page.

Product Benefits

  •  Meet ASTM C923 specifications
  •  Suitable for all types of PVC connecting pipes
  •  Standard and Oil-Resistant versions available
  •  Easy to use casting mandrel with magnets