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Project Profile: Lifespan helps Kingston, ON avoid infiltration from ‘ponding’

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Why treat more water than you need to during storm events?

Officials from Kingston asked themselves this very question. They were faced with areas where several inches of water covered manholes during heavy storm events. Infiltration at these point sources was responsible for up to 90% of their sanitary sewer collection system’s inflow & infiltration (I&I).

The City of Kingston chose the Lifespan System™ because it offered a watertight, cost-effective solution. The only other alternatives were extensive and costly sewer rehabilitation, or no action at all which would continue to jeopardize capacity of the collection and treatment systems.

Learn how we helped the City of Kingston reduce their I/I problems in the original article “Kingston installs watertight maintenance holes, reduces I&I” (pages 32-33) in the Nov/Dec issue of Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine.