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We’re not the kind of company that creates something great and then rests on our laurels. We believe it’s vital to seek out areas for improvement so we can keep our customers on the cutting edge, working smarter instead of harder.
No more tooling around: It’s time to get serious about care and quality assurance for your tooling
Hamilton Kent’s Alan Siebenthaler as he discusses best practices in care and quality assurance for your tooling.
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At Hamilton Kent, our research and development team is committed to further developing existing products, as well as looking for new opportunities in the field, which are often identified from problems in the field

To address the significant infrastructure deficit in North America, Hamilton Kent is invested in supplying the products you need the most. By conducting research and having frequent conversations with industry contacts, we are learning about the challenges and using our expertise to create new products to solve these problems.

Next Safety
The City of Naperville puts the plug in inflow and infiltration
Naperville’s traditional cast iron manhole covers wouldn’t seal. The Lifespan System helped eliminate inflow and infiltration. Download the case to read more.
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Digging Deep
Watch this webinar to learn about the impact of the North American infrastructure deficit on water and wastewater systems
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Roman J. Selig Receives ASTM International Award of Merit
Roman Selig, a Hamilton Kent Territory Manager, was presented with the ASTM International Award of Merit, the most prestigious award offered to an individual member.
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