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Technical Expertise
We know what we’re talking about
We don’t manufacture what everyone else does; we have a team of experienced engineers that actively plans and designs products for use in the real world. Our long-time employees know what your challenges are and thrive in creating solutions to make your job much easier.
Sealing the Deal Part One: Best Practices in Gasket Selection
In the first of this two-part webinar series, Hamilton Kent's Alan Siebenthaler discusses how to choose the right gasket for your application. This webinar covers how to choose gasket type, selecting a gasket for joint design, material selection and gasket standards.
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Not resting on our own technical experience, Hamilton Kent is also actively involved in ASTM committees and is dedicated to meeting ASTM standards for the highest-quality and most trustworthy products

To demonstrate our commitment to sharing knowledge, we provide training and educational presentations during association meetings and customer symposiums. We firmly believe in educating the industry on proper production, quality assurance and installation techniques, not only with regards to our products, but also with theirs.

Next Quality Assurance
What can you expect from your below ground infrastructure partner?
Watch this short webinar to find out how you can get the most from your relationship with your watertight infrastructure supplier.
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Solving I/I: A new approach to manhole remediation
In this webinar, Henry Flattery looks at how municipalities can solve inflow and infiltration problems at the top of the manhole with Hamilton Kent’s newest product, the Lifespan System.
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Successful Box Culvert Project Using TSS Gaskets
Hamilton Kent gaskets featured in NPCA's "Precast Solutions" article.
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