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Test Reports & Certs
As part of our ongoing quality assurance program, Hamilton Kent performs daily testing of our finished goods. We also complete special tests to ensure our products meet industry standards. And, as an ISO 9001-2008 Certified plant, we are able to provide documents to plants participating in industry certification programs to meet their gasket and connector quality assurance requirements.
Sealing the Deal Part Two: Best Practices in Gasket Quality Assurance
In the second of a two-part series, Hamilton Kent’s Alan Siebenthaler provides an overview of ACPA QCast quality assurance criteria, as well as best practices in gasket care, gleaned from Hamilton Kent’s many years in the business.
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Available Resources
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HK Gasket
Certificate of
Certificate of Compliance for all Hamilton Kent gaskets that plants can utilize to meet the requirements of the NPCA Plant Certification Program and the ACPA Q-Cast Program.
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NSF International
Hamilton Kent is recognized by NSF International as complying with their requirements and is approved to utilize the NSF mark.
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The Lifespan System
AASHTO H-25/HS-25 Test Report
The 3rd party test report verifying AASHTO H-25/HS-25 for The Lifespan System, as tested in accordance with AASHTO M306.
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The Lifespan System
Hydrostatic Test Report
Hamilton Kent conducted hydrostatic testing to ensure the system would remain watertight after being subjected to 5 PSI of water from the top and sides of the system. After 2 hours, there were no leaks. This report shares the results and images from the testing.
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Tylox® MIB Series
Boot Connector C923 Test Report
Hamilton Kent conducted testing on the Cobra 12-2-8 mechanically-installed, flexible boot connector in accordance with ASTM C923. This report shares the results and images of the testing.
Solve infiltration problems caused by traditional manhole covers
Find out how to eliminate inflow and infiltration through manhole covers and frames, how to increase connection capacity and save money by not conveying and treating unnecessary water.
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The City of Naperville puts the plug in inflow and infiltration
Naperville’s traditional cast iron manhole covers wouldn’t seal. The Lifespan System helped eliminate inflow and infiltration. Download the case to read more.
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