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Along with an extensive product line, Hamilton Kent has a broad spectrum of resources to help you select a product, see how our products are manufactured, used and installed, identify the correct model or size you need, learn about important product features and benefits, and much more. Simply click on one of the Resource Topics below to review what is available to assist you.
Does your submarine have a screen door?
Watch this short webinar to learn about common sources of inflow and infiltration in your sewer systems.
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Available Topics
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All Hamilton Kent product information files that are available for download and print can be found in this section.
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Hamilton Kent has a growing library of videos related to the development and use of the products we manufacture. Select one of the many videos available to learn more about how our products can work for you.
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Tech Notes
Hamilton Kent wants to provide you with the latest in technical information regardng the use of gaskets and connectors, creation of sustainable, watertight infrastructure and more. This section of the website contains documents of this nature.
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Best Practices
If you want to understand how to use Hamilton Kent products properly and effectively, refer to the best practices and installations guides in this section.
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Submittals & Specs
A library of submittal drawings and specifications for Hamilton Kent products.
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Test Reports & Certs
As part of our ongoing quality assurance program, Hamilton Kent performs daily testing of our finished goods. We also complete special tests to ensure our products meet industry standards. And, as an ISO 9001-2008 Certified plant, we are able to provide documents to plants participating in industry certification programs to meet their gasket and connector quality assurance requirements.
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Material Safety Data Sheets for Hamilton Kent products.
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HK Documents
In order to set up a customer account with Hamilton Kent, a credit application must be completed and submitted.
Solving I/I: A new approach to manhole remediation
In this webinar, Henry Flattery looks at how municipalities can solve inflow and infiltration problems at the top of the manhole with Hamilton Kent’s newest product, the Lifespan System.
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Solve infiltration problems caused by traditional manhole covers
Find out how to eliminate inflow and infiltration through manhole covers and frames, how to increase connection capacity and save money by not conveying and treating unnecessary water.
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Successful Box Culvert Project Using TSS Gaskets
Hamilton Kent gaskets featured in NPCA's "Precast Solutions" article.
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