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Concrete Pipe Gaskets
Hamilton Kent produces a broad range of gaskets to seal the joints of virtually any pipe configuration, joint design or size. Whether confined o-ring groove, single offset or tongue and groove, or round, elliptical or arch pipe, we have your needs covered.
Digging Deep
Watch this webinar to learn about the impact of the North American infrastructure deficit on water and wastewater systems
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Available Products
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Tylox® SuperSeal™
Pre-lubricated Gaskets for Concrete Pipe and Manholes. The unique design of the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket is bringing a cost-saving revolution to the field of concrete pipe and manhole gasketing and installation.
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Tylox® SOCL Gasket
Profile Gaskets for Round, Arch or Elliptical Pipe, and Manholes. The Tylox® SOCL profile gasket builds upon the proven success of the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket design to offer similar benefits at a more economical price.
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Tylox® SOC Gasket
Backed by over 50 years of experience, the Tylox® SOC profile gasket provides watertight sealing of single-offset joints in concrete pipe, manhole or box culvert.
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Tylox® SORT Gasket
Profile gaskets for O-Ring Joints on Concrete Pipe and Manholes Enhanced Performance... Ease of Installation! Designed to replace O-ring gaskets for watertight sealing of confined-groove joints, the Tylox® SORT Series offers considerable benefits in ease of installation.
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Tylox® O-Ring Gasket
O-Ring Gaskets for Round or Elliptical Pipe. It may seem like a “simple” design, but to ensure full functionality of the joint/gasket configuration, accuracy is critical. All of our O-Ring gaskets are crafted to the exacting quality standards that you have come to expect from your Tylox® products.
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Tylox® Type “C”
Fin Gasket
Profile Gaskets for Tongue and Groove Pipe The Tylox® Type “C” profile gasket allows for watertight joints, in accordance with ASTM C443 requirements, on 5 degree slope, tongue and groove pipe.
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Tylox® CF Series
Pipe Gasket
Standard and Oil-Resistant versions available Contoured-fin, Profile Gaskets for Single-Offset Concrete Pipe Tylox® CF Gaskets are designed for higher pressure sealing applications for concrete sewer pipe. The unique contoured-fin, and pressure pocket design allows for water-tight sealing of up to 42 ft (18 psig) of infiltration pressure.
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Tylox® Gasket
Maximum Coverage with Minimum Brushwork… that’s what you get when you work with Tylox® Gasket Lubricant. An industry standard for over 35 years, the Tylox® name is synonymous with quality and reliability; which is one reason why Tylox® lubes are specified and utilized day in and day out by precasters and engineers alike.
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Kent Seal™
Butyl Sealant
Premium Grade Butyl Rubber Sealant Installs Quickly... Any Season... Works well on virtually any concrete structure or pipe.
No more tooling around: It’s time to get serious about care and quality assurance for your tooling
Hamilton Kent’s Alan Siebenthaler as he discusses best practices in care and quality assurance for your tooling.
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Does your submarine have a screen door?
Watch this short webinar to learn about common sources of inflow and infiltration in your sewer systems.
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