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Sealing the Deal Part One: Best Practices in Gasket Selection
In the first of this two-part webinar series, Hamilton Kent's Alan Siebenthaler discusses how to choose the right gasket for your application. This webinar covers how to choose gasket type, selecting a gasket for joint design, material selection and gasket standards.
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Here’s what’s happening with Hamilton Kent and the underground infrastructure industry.
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Henry Flattery has been
nominated to the
Water’s Next 2015
Selection Committee
HK’s @iibyebyeguy will help recognize Canadian water and wastewater champions.
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Why are watertight
pipe connections
gaining attention?
Learn about the importance of pipe-to-manhole connections, which are absolutely vital in a sanitary sewer system and are quite important
in a stormwater system.
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Project Profile: Odor
be gone! Lifespan helps
Blair, NE solve their
odor issues.
With residents’ complaints increasing by the day, the City of Blair, NE was searching for a solution to their wastewater conveyance system’s ongoing odor issues.
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We’re proud to announce
partnerships with
Ferguson and Metcon
We are looking forward to working side-by-side with our two new distribution partners to bring the Lifespan™ System to a community near you.
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The Region of Waterloo
has approved the
Lifespan System!
The south western Ontario municipality takes a decisive step to ensuring the health of its underground infrastructure.
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Improved joints eliminate
leakage and extend service
life of concrete box
drainage system
When box culvert joints fail, it can be a costly problem to fix. This is just one example of how a gasketed box culvert joint could have provided a longer service life.
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Stormwater magazine puts
the spotlight on Lifespan
Read Hamilton Kent's North Glengarry feature in Stormwater magazine.
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Hamilton Kent gets
recognized for safety
Hamilton Kent's in-house safety means a safe environment for our plant personnel and continuous gasket and connector supply for our customers.
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Lifespan defers costly sewer upgrades in Moncton, New Brunswick
Snowfall. Snow melt. Rain. Is your municipality’s pipe system facing decreased capacity during every weather event?
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The importance of
micromonitoring for
reducing I/I
I/I problems? Before you rehabilitate your sanitary sewer pipelines or manholes, we have some important advice. *Image from Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine
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Lifespan is Sustainable for
Workers, Not Just Water.
Overexertion is a big problem in the construction industry. Read about how The Lifespan System addresses worker safety and ergonomics.
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Hamilton Kent in
Concrete Pipe News
Hamilton Kent gaskets enjoy another 15 minutes of fame, as they are featured in an important project profile story.
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NCDOT inaugurates Lifespan
as an Approved Product
Lifespan now approved for us on North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) projects
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Water management:
North America’s
next major priority
Why Hamilton Kent believes water management is one of the most important priorities our communities should have.
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Materials suppliers:
Let’s help create
disaster-resilient cities
'Disaster-resilience' has become a headlining news topic. Read about how we think infrastructure manufacturers can help.
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Midwest Water Group on The Lifespan System
Hamilton Kent's Lifespan System gets good reviews from our customer, Midwest Water Group, a leading provider of turnkey, out-of-the-box solutions for the water and wastewater industry.
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The cost of improper
manhole cover installation
At Hamilton Kent, we often stress the importance of a watertight seal for sustainability and cost efficiency. But there are other worthwhile reasons to ensure a tight and secure fit on your manhole cover. One such reason is public safety.
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Project profile:
Reinventing the box culvert
The city of Lubbock, Texas takes an innovative approach to installing a new underground stormwater transfer system between two playa lakes.
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A bigger future for precast box sections?
A new ASTM installation standard for precast concrete box sections gives greater recognition to their many applications.
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North Glengarry addresses
I/I with Lifespan®
Facing overcapacity issues in its storm and wastewater systems – and reeling from a “one-in-50-years” rain event – the town of North Glengarry, Ontario selects the Lifespan System for critical manhole upgrades.
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Mundare locks down
local manhole covers
This summer, the town of Mundare, Alberta took a major step towards a safer and more secure water treatment system with the rehabilitation of local manholes with the Lifespan System.
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Hamilton Kent featured in
Western Canada Water
The official magazine of water professionals across Western Canada treats Hamilton Kent to two pages of coverage.
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Pardeep Sharma receives
ASTM C-13 award
On September 17, 2012, ASTM International Committee C13 on Concrete Pipe presented the Robert R. Litehiser Memorial Award to Pardeep Sharma, Director of quality and technical services at Hamilton Kent in Toronto, ON. This award is given to “a member or former member of Committee C-13 on Concrete Pipe who has performed outstanding work in the field of the committee’s activity” and to an individual who “has been an active, working and dedicated C-13 member for many years”, according to ASTM International.
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A watertight solution
for WSSC
Lifespan is specified to rehabilitate manholes in environmentally sensitive areas in Maryland.
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When manhole covers
go missing!
Deterioration. Theft. Natural disaster. It’s not uncommon for missing manhole covers to wreak havoc with public safety and municipal budgets. But there is another way.
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The real impact of
failed manhole covers
One U.S. municipality finds out the incredible impact that a single broken manhole cover can have on a city’s sewer system.
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The Lifespan System featured in Trenchless Technology magazine
An article about the successful use of The Lifespan System by the City of Naperville, IL, was featured in Trenchless Technology magazine. Read why city officials selected Lifespan and how it has been working for them over the past few years.
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SuperSeal Gasket Success on Box Culvert Project
George R. Roberts Precast Co. of Alfred, ME used Tylox SuperSeal gaskets to seal the joints between large box culvert sections in creation of a large oil-grit separator project in Waltham, MA.
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Lifespan Eliminates I/I Problems
Lifespan eliminates manhole I/I problems by creating a sealed enclosure at the top of the manhole.
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Lifespan Gets an "A" from TRA
The Lifespan System® received an "Accepted for Use" designation from The Road Authority in Ontario, Canada.
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Successful Box Culvert Project Using TSS Gaskets
Hamilton Kent gaskets featured in NPCA's "Precast Solutions" article.
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Roman J. Selig Receives ASTM International Award of Merit
Roman Selig, a Hamilton Kent Territory Manager, was presented with the ASTM International Award of Merit, the most prestigious award offered to an individual member.
What can you expect from your below ground infrastructure partner?
Watch this short webinar to find out how you can get the most from your relationship with your watertight infrastructure supplier.
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Solving I/I: A new approach to manhole remediation
In this webinar, Henry Flattery looks at how municipalities can solve inflow and infiltration problems at the top of the manhole with Hamilton Kent’s newest product, the Lifespan System.
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