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Tunnels serve a broad range of functions, but one thing is true about all of them: they cannot afford to have leaks.
Sealing the Deal Part Two: Best Practices in Gasket Quality Assurance
In the second of a two-part series, Hamilton Kent’s Alan Siebenthaler provides an overview of ACPA QCast quality assurance criteria, as well as best practices in gasket care, gleaned from Hamilton Kent’s many years in the business.
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Whether tunnels are used to transport vehicles or electrical, gas or communication conduits, nothing should be able to leak into them. And if tunnels are used to hold water and or sewage, nothing should be able to leak out of them either.

For smaller tunnels, Hamilton Kent provides watertight gaskets to seal connection points and prevent infiltration—and by extension, erosion or equipment damage. For larger tunnel segments, we have rubber gaskets to ensure every joint is watertight.

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