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Gasket Selection & Sizing
Gasket Installation
Gasket & Pipe Testing
Specifications & Certifications

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Gasket Selection & Sizing
How does HK’s engineering department determine which gasket I should be using for my application?
Can a single off-set joint be used as a substitute for a job that is specified ASTM C361? If so, what supporting reasons can I use to convince a specifying engineer to allow it?
Gasket Installation
I prefer to install the gaskets on my box culverts before shipping. How long can I leave them exposed to the elements before the gasket quality is compromised?
Sometimes I hear a popping sound when homing Superseal gaskets – is this normal? Will it affect the performance of the gasket?
I’m installing pipe in very cold conditions – do I need to handle the gaskets any differently?
Gasket & Pipe Testing
I’m having trouble passing hydrostatic tests – do I need a larger gasket?
How can I get joint tolerance and Go-No-Go gauge drawings?
What physical differences will I notice between regular rubber gaskets and oil resistant gaskets?
Why does it take up to 4 or 5 weeks to receive orders for nitrile/neoprene gaskets or connectors?
What is the life expectancy of rubber gaskets once installed in the field?
What are the primary uses for Nitrile and Neoprene gaskets and connectors? Can you explain what elements, soil conditions and chemicals require these materials?
Specifications & Certifications
Which ASTM Standards govern rubber gaskets?
How do I know the gaskets I receive from HK meet the required specification?
How long can I store my regular rubber gaskets before they can no longer be used?
How long can I store my Nitrile/Neoprene gaskets before they can no longer be used?
Why have gasket prices become so volatile over recent years?
Why are prelubricated gaskets more expensive than standard profile ones? Is it the process to make them?
Solve infiltration problems caused by traditional manhole covers
Find out how to eliminate inflow and infiltration through manhole covers and frames, how to increase connection capacity and save money by not conveying and treating unnecessary water.
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The City of Naperville puts the plug in inflow and infiltration
Naperville’s traditional cast iron manhole covers wouldn’t seal. The Lifespan System helped eliminate inflow and infiltration. Download the case to read more.
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